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Moving Quote

Moving quote, Archibald removals and storage prefer to offer quotations based upon a free, no obligation visit to your home or office. No matter the size of your move, we would recommend arranging for one of our trained surveyors to visit your property and provide a more detailed quotation. Please see the visit request tab to arrange this. Alternatively call us direct on 01243 885158

No two moves are the same. Archibald removals and storage have moved, stored and shipped just about everything you can imagine. Our experiences will help you in making the best decisions for your circumstances. Your move may involve a number of stages, such as putting items into local storage first followed by the remainder of your possession being moved at a later date. This is quite normal when making the move to a new country, when some items are not immediately needed. Estimates and quotations will allow you to budget for each stage

Size is Important

The size of your home or business premises will influence the overall cost of a move. The distance you are travelling will also have an effect on the overall cost of the move. It is a straight forward process to give average estimates for any move however what you may consider to be an average amount of items could be below average or above average.

Another aspect of the move will be the date you are moving. There are peak times and off peak times to move which all effect our estimations and quotations. We recommend a site visit by one of our trained surveyors to be more precise.

Complete the visit request form to arrange for a surveyor to call and carryout an evaluation which carries no obligation or charge. The quotation you will receive is a firm offer to carryout your move, unless of course your requirements change in which case we will happily adjust the quotation.